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Winter Skills Courses: Service

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Winter Skills Courses

Established in 1992 Talisman's Cairngorm guides offer a variety of Scottish winter skills courses from winter walking and snowshoeing to winter mountaineering, winter climbing and guiding and all based in Aviemore in the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland. With local guides all our winter skills courses promise that added personal touch. The trips guarantee an action-packed itinerary, while delivering a truly knowledgeable and authentic mountain experience with the most experienced and highest qualified local mountain guides

Scottish Winter Skills Course

Winter Walking Skills

 £200 for 2 days / £500 for 5 days 

Winter Walking Skills (2-5 days):

The essential winter skills for safe winter hill walking. The weekend and 5 day courses are run throughout the winter from Christmas to Easter and are based in the Cairngorms near Aviemore in Scotland.

  • Ice axe and crampons

  • Winter clothing and equipment

  • Winter navigation and route finding

  • Avalanche awareness

  • Emergency snow-shelters and rope-work

  • Snow-hole expedition on the 5 day course


Recent Winter Skills course review article here >>> YouTube video here >>>

Scottish Winter Mountaineering Course

Scottish Winter Mountaineering

 £700 for 5 days 

We cover the same main areas as the winter skills course but in addition basic climbing rope work is taught to enable you to climb, explore and enjoy the steeper more challenging peaks, gullies and classic mountaineering routes.

  • Ice axe and crampons 

  • Clothing and equipment 

  • Micro-navigation and route finding 

  • Avalanche awareness and assessment 

  • Rope-work and belaying 

  • Grade 1-2 climbing techniques


'Trek & Mountain' magazine course review here >>> YouTube video here >>>

Guided Winter Climbing Course

Guided Winter Climbing

 £290/310 per day 

This course is for summer rock climbers/scramblers or winter hill walkers with a good level of fitness, stamina and the ability to tie a figure of eight knot! (previous winter skills course essential)

  • Winter skills refresher

  • Avalanche assessment

  • Clothing and technical equipment

  • Rope-work and belaying

  • Winter climbing techniques

  • Use of guide books and topos

  • Guided winter climbing on Grades 1-5


Videos from our Scottish winter climbing and winter mountaineering courses and guiding can be found here >>>

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