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Activities for Women

 Women Only Courses...

"How often have you been the sole female amongst a group of male hillwalking friends? So often good company but it is pleasant to get together with other women for a day or two out in the hills, to practice effective navigation, to share experiences and perhaps take a slightly different view of walking than our bigger-booted male companions!"

Fi Chappell

Navigation and hillwalking weekends will cover use of the map and compass, navigation techniques using handrails, collecting points and tick-off features, aiming off, timing and pacing and relocation skills. Also, time will be spent considering contour lines and how they relate to the land features we see around us. We also run GPS navigation courses.

The two days will be spent walking in the Cairngorms National Park high plateau with it's unique arctic/alpine fauna and flora.

Have an experience and a fun day out learning new skills such as rock climbing and abseiling.

We use locations near to Aviemore that are easily accessible for these sessions. No previous experience of climbing or abseiling is needed and helmets and harnesses are provided.

Winter skills courses for women will be held this winter. These will cover walking in crampons, how to use an ice axe, navigation and more of the skills needed to enjoy walking in the hills in winter.


Fi's mum!




Various dates available throughout the this space!

More dates for all activities to come soon

but in the meantime,

contact Fi direct by email by clicking here.

Winter walking courses and snowhole expeditions can be arranged too.

Contact Fi for more details.

See also Fi's website.

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