Monday, 8 March 2010

Sunny snowhole expedition

A good two days snowholing in the Lairig Ghru with Steven, Tamsin and Adrian.
A tiring walk in on Sunday trail breaking through the deep soft snow but by the evening the skies cleared and the snow firmed up overnight. Today it was blue skies, sun block, shades and easy walking on the firm snow surface until the snow started to soften around midday. YouTube snowhole video later!


Blogger Steve said...

What a handsome devil the chap in the foreground is!!

Thanks for a great trip out in the snow Ron I had a Blast!

We will be sure to send you full pictures and maybe a video of our first snow hole.

Take care for now and we will see you soon for some more fun in the snow!

9 March 2010 19:05:00 GMT  

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